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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 things going on - May

5 things going on in our house:

  • The 3 of us are going to High Tea on Sunday in advance of next week's Woofstock.  I've been busy getting Gimli's costume ready - it's Jubilee 2012 themed.  Heading to Michael's tonight to pick up some supplies, then I'm going get all crafty!
  • I realized late last night that I don't have anything British to wear to High Tea.  I wonder if corgi hair counts? Am considering going to the local sports store to pick up an England scarf.. and maybe one for Germany and a Germany shirt too.  What?
  • I'm starting to think about packing for Germany and am wondering if we bought enough Euros. Not even thinking about the thing that happens to me when I have to board a plane.
  • Going to the dermatologist, (read: 3rd doctor), on Saturday.  I'm hoping he can tell me what's causing the loss of pigment in my cheeks and give me something for it.  It's not so much the fact that I've lost pigment, but did it have to be my face?  Sheesh!
  • I keep telling Mike that his exercise efforts are working, but he doesn't believe me.  Um, hello, loose pants, better fitting shirts!!

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