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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Picture of health

Gimli had an appointment at the vet on Saturday - his wellness test and they drew blood to check for heartworms as well as various blood levels.

He now weighs 28 lbs, which is fantastic for a corgi.  We all know they are prone to be overweight and this made me very happy indeed.  The Dr. said his teeth were fine, he does have some plaque, but it's cosmetic and not affecting the gums, which is great news!

She called yesterday to discuss his blood results and Gimli received another glowing report.  His blood levels, (I don't know what they all are), are normal and she's pleased with his health.  He's also heartworm negative so we are clear to start the preventative medicine in a few weeks.

I love this dog!


  1. *virtual high five*

    Gatsby passed with flying colors a few weeks ago! 21.5 pounds and perfectly healthy :)

    1. :) glad to hear Gatsby got the clean bill of health too!