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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What a day

A couple Saturday's ago, we had an extremely busy day.

The local petstore had a large tent sale, so we took the corgis.  As has happened to us before, everyone wanted to see and play with the corgis.  I left Mike to sit in the shade with the dogs, while I shopped. There was a photographer on site and out of the corner of my eye, I kept seeing the flash go off in their area.  The corgis were well behaved and, of course, ate up all the attention.  They got small bits of hot dog and a bunch of cookies from the staff, which they did not refuse.

We ran into a local Pembroke breeder too.  She had a 6 month old puppy and Merida really wanted to play with him, but we couldn't have them off leash.

The corgis did well - a new bag of food, some toys and plenty of new cookies.

After the sale, we went home and I headed to the dentist.  Suffice it to say, no cavities and my gums are great, but I have a couple chipped spots on  my back teeth.  Don't ask how that happens, but it did.  I think I was supposed to make an appointment to have the chips addressed, but I forgot.

Then, it was time for a quick shower before the four of us jumped in the car to head to a dog show.  Yes, a dog show!  It was my first dog show and it was neat to see it all and see the dogs being primped before the show ring.

The corgis' breeder was at a show close to our city, so she invited us to stop by.  I was excited because I knew she'd have 3 of her corgis with her and one can never have too much corgi!

You'll have to excuse the pictures because I forgot my camera at home and had to use Mike's phone... hrmph.

Merida's daddy

Merida and her sister playing

Merida's littermate was entered in the Puppy trials and their dad was entered in the adult trial.  Both dogs had won their group, but not the final trial for that day.  Merida had fun seeing her sister again, they romped and wrestled like they did when they were itty bitty puppies.  Merida is definitely going to be smaller, she was a little smaller than her sister.   She is the spitting image of her Momma, though.  She has the same face :)

After the show, we headed .back home to wait for my Mom and brother to come over so we could celebrate her birthday.

All in all, a very tiring day.

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  1. You are very right! One can never have too much Corgi in their life!
    Cute little Merida! :)