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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Should have named her Elsa

If you've seen the movie Frozen, then you know all about Elsa - the girl that can make snow and ice at will. The cold doesn't bother her and she feels right at home among the snow and ice.

This is Merida's first winter and she's a little snow corgi.  Even more so than Gimli.

When I let them into the yard or when I take them to the park, Gimli often wants to come in after a short while.  He will romp and roll in the snow, but eventually he has enough and is ready to come in.  He is well aware of the extreme chilly temperatures, despite his fluff and his dog jacket!

Merida, on the other hand, would stay outside all day. I took her to the park on the long leash and she fell into a snowbank. It didn't faze her.  She jumped out of it like a champ and kept going! When I take her for a walk, she has to go up onto the snow banks and perch like a mountain goat. On one occasion, she pooped on top of a snow bank and I climbed up after her to scoop. I was not impressed.

The corgis have made trenches in the yard and she delights in running through them. This picture was taken a couple weeks ago. The bank is now a bit higher and she still runs through the trenches.  She'll even jump through the deep snow to get at Gimli.

The weather forecast predicts more snow tonight and tomorrow. I think Merida will be pleased.

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