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Thursday, August 11, 2016


Last year I was struggling with shin splints and frustrated. I had completed the 5k and 10k, (first ever 10k), at the Walt Disney marathon weekend earlier in the year and I was starting to think I could really get into this running thing.

But those shin splints kept at me. I had taken time off since the races and it was now June. I researched and struggled and stretched to get my calves, ankles, and feet stronger. By August I had a good stretching/strength plan and I was feeling better.

I was looking at my numbers in Runkeeper and for the last year, it said I had run 263 km. On a whim, I made a goal with myself to double my mileage over the coming year to 526 km.

Last August it seemed like such a huge amount to cover.

This August I fell short of that 526 goal. But, I completed 487 km - the most distance I've ever covered in a year.

So, what's next?

My first half marathon in September. My only goal is to finish... alive.

Then, the Star Wars half marathon in April.

Beyond? Ask me again in a few months :)

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