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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sick little corgi

Lord Gimli isn't feeling well today.  He's been mopey and clingy all day and its because of these little booboos he has on his skin.

We aren't sure how he ended up with this little sores?, I guess, on his leg by the elbow or on the underside of his belly, but we are wondering if it could be a sort of allergy since on our walks we come into contact with weeds of all types.  He could have come into contact with one of the prickly ones and its irritated his skin.  He has no other irritation anywhere else, thus fueling our theory.  He's fine otherwise, plays with toys and eats, drinks and poops normally, which is a good sign.

We're going to give him a quick belly bath this evening to wash away anything that could irritate him further and see how he fares tomorrow, else a quick vet visit may be in order.

This is what he looks like today...

He's going to get lots of kisses and snuggles to help him get better and back to his silly and energetic self.

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