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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is my security squeaker

Gimli has never been the type of dog to go around on the walk with a toy in his mouth, so imagine my surprise when today, Gimli went for about half of our walk with one of his toys, a plastic squeaker thing, firmly in those little furry jaws.

I was getting ready for our evening walk and trying to be quick because the rain was threatening and Gimli already didn't want to go outside for fear the water would make him melt.  He came bounding into the mudroom with a toy and held onto it while I put on is collar and leash.

"Ok," I thought to myself and decided I'd just take him as is instead of wrestling it away from him.

We started our walk and he only set it down twice.

The first time, he had to pee.  He set it down next to those above ground transformer boxes and then walked about 6 steps away to pee on the grass near the curb.  Once he remembered he came out with a toy, he snatched it up and off we went.

The second time, he set it down in the middle of the dirt path and went looking for a place to poo.  Afterwards, I tried giving it back to him, but he would have none of it!  He looked at me as if I was a weirdo, I mean, why would I bring a toy on the walk?  As if!

We walked home with Gimli proudly walking along and me holding onto a squeaker toy.  I really am his slave...

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