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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i am threeeeeeee!

hewo, Lord Gimli hier,

sunday wuz my bir-day!  i iz 3 years old.

i had a gud day.

Candy let me sleep in a little und when she came to open da crate i wuz too seepy to come out.  she thoght sumting wuz wrong wid me becuz i wuz walking sooo slowle.  But i wuz ok.  she put me on da bed so i could snuggles with her und Mike.  i got the first of my bir-day kisses on da bed, cuz i'm cute.

den we went for a walk und i wuz a good corgi und i didn't misbehave, i iz a big boy u kno!

Candy put on my spechul red bandanna so i wuld look nicee on my bir-day.

i had my usual food but also a surprises.

Hier i am waiting for my eeg
i must eat it bery dainty like

yum yum

after breakfast i took a lie down to rest

and i rested allll day long.

latur in da day, i got one of my prezzies.  i oberheard Candy say to Mike that i got 4 prezzies in total, but i only got one on sunday.  bery bad indeed!

what iz dis?

can i eat it?

i can't wait to pull out da stuff

den, becuz it wuz my bir-day, i got brushed and that evil clippy thing came out. i don't like the clippy thing and i alwayz curse it and make ugly faces to scare it away, but it neber works. don't you tink my face is scawwy?
 go away clippy thing!

i am so handsum with my wabbit! although i much prefer the real wabbit dat libes outside.  maybe dat's one of my other prezzies?

That was Gimli's birthday.

He was very lethargic and worn out all day because we went to class on Saturday morning, he did not have an afternoon nap afterwards and he had two doggie guests to play with on Saturday evening.  Thus, Sunday was a very quiet day indeed, with Mike and I taking advantage of his unusually subdued demeanor to snuggle and kiss him at every opportunity.

We love this little pile of fluff so very much and its hard to believe he's now 3 years old.

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