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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Guest Post: Gimli


it is Gimli heer!

did yu mis me?

i hab lots to tell yu

- yeterday on da walk, i almost got to eat... um... i mean meet, ya meet sum hamsters.  dey wuz outside on da grass und in a pen und i wanted to go see dem, but candy took me away.  Wat a mean person she is.

- i got a nu mat thing for my crate. candy took away my big hooman pillow and i have a smaller pillow und my puppy blankets.  i dont know why it is gone, candy said it smelled stinky, but it smelled fine to me.

- i got to go in da car to da store for foooood.  i wuz bery good, but they didn't give me any cookies.  i iz sad corgi.

- da oder day wuz a big storm and dere was ices eberywhere and a big stick fell from da tree in da backyard. i wuz falling all ober because of the ices.

- dis morning wen i wuz eating, candy sneezed und interupted me. i stopped eating and gave her a look, den she sneezed again and i gave her a grumble woof, den back to da foood.

dats it for now, ta ta for now!

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