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Monday, November 25, 2013

Long leash

Yesterday, it was quite cold and windy over here so our morning walk consisted of walking up the street, then back down the street.

Later in the afternoon, I took Gimli with the long leash to the park so he could run around and play to his heart's content.  There was a light dusting of snow so he couldn't pounce in it or roll around in it, but he enjoyed himself all the same.  I think he was glad to be able to run around, albeit right next to me.

But I want to go that way!

Corgi on the hill

Just beyond this hill, in one of those backyards, they have ducks, geese and some chickens.  Gimli and I found them and he gave them a good stare. I couldn't figure out if he wanted to chase them or play with them!

We were out for maybe 15 minutes before the cold got to us and we returned home.

Then, I decided I'd take Merida for her first try on the long leash.

She was mildly excited about the long leash, in her reserved sort of way, but when I clipped on her collar, she was ready to go!  Off we went and she didn't even look back to see if Gimli was coming with us, ha!

At first she didn't realize the leash was long and I was giving her a little more freedom.  I walked in one direction and she stood and looked at me.  Then, I ran a little and she gave chase and finally got the message.  All went well until she came across one of Gimli's tracks, where she proceeded to follow it around to see all the places we had walked.  Sheesh, she's a herding dog not a scent hound!

I want to go dig in the sand pit.

I didn't have any cookies with me, but I thought I'd try her recall or even her attention just to see how far we have to go.  Well, her recall outside of the house - SUCKS!  Her attention outside of the house - SUCKS!

I know she's never been in this spot before and I'm sure it was sensory overload, but she didn't even look at me when I called her. Gimli, at least gives me that much!

Oh, you mean me?

We have our work cut out for us, but she's a smart little one and she'll pick up on things... just as soon as she stops destroying all of Gimli's stuffies.

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