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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ma bellie is ok

Hewo gimli heir,

i wanted to say my bellie is all better.  dat day i ate some stinke poo dat i found in the grass when candy und i wuz on our mornin walk.  i am a greedy corgi und i ate it as fast as i culd so by da time candy saw me chewin da  poo, it wuz all gone into my bellie.

den my bellie hurt and i had stinke poos.

by dinner time the next day i wuz better agin cuz i was gibing candy the corgi look cuz i wanted some of her apple and plum and nectareens.

eber since we went to dat new class candy has becum mor attentif of me und my behabior so i dont tink i will be abl to eat anymor poos.

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