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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Waiting for puppies

Yesterday started off a little unconventional and in retrospect, I should have figured out that something disappointing was going to happen.

Yesterday morning, Gimli was very clingy and wanting to snuggle. Instead of our morning walk, we sat on the floor for a while, while I gave him belly scratches and massages and kisses. The rest of the day, he was never far away.

Then in the afternoon I received the e-mail from Gimli's breeder. Turns out we won't be getting a puppy in February. The Momma dog, Gimli's 1/2 sister, had a false pregnancy and so there are no puppies. The breeder only realized something was amiss when Momma dog's milk started to dry up. The breeder's going to breed Gimli's other 1/2 sister when she comes into season in January, but she's not sure if she'll breed this last Momma dog again.

This means waiting til June before a little four legged creature get's to join our family.

After work, I took Gimli on a walk and we ended up going through the park.  It was getting dark and there wasn't a soul around.  We had a good run back and forth, Gimli played with the leash and wiggled his butt and, as silly as it sounds, I felt better.  I felt grateful that I had Gimli and that I get to see him every day.

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  1. That is just too bad! :( I was looking forward to reading about a new little puppy! We will keep our fingers crossed that the next breeding takes and that you can get your new little pup!!