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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Germy... again...

Please forgive my absence over the past week or so.  What started out as being busy as the weekend started, quickly became yet another bout with germs.

I haven't posted about our September trip, but I got the cold while on vacation... awesome, I know.  Although, in my defense, I did pick it up either on the airplane or in our hotel in Las Vegas.  Two places known for their cleanliness, right? ;)

Then, this past weekend, I picked up the flu.

This makes about the 7th time I've been sick this year ranging from the stomach flu, colds and respiratory flu.

I'm doing much better now, the chills and aches have gone away and physically I feel stronger.  Only a slight stuffy nose and sore throat remain.

I'm at my wits end to develop a way for me to stay healthy and stave off the germs.  If I could wear hand sanitizer on my fingers full time when out in public, I would.  The fact that cold and flu season is upon us, I fear more bouts with germs.  I've even half considered wearing a surgical mask while out in the malls and so on where germs are more rampant in the winter months, but we'll see.

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