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Monday, November 5, 2012

5 things going on in our house - November

I had a post lined up in my head for today, but I forgot what it was going to be.  This occurred as I was lying in bed, so I think I ought to put a notepad on the night stand to write these things down.

As usual, there's no shortage of things going on in our house this month:

1. Christmas is coming and I'm already going crazy trying to come up with ideas for presents, deciding on cards as well as decorating the house - inside and out.

2. We need to start Gimli on a play class so he can learn to play nicely with other dogs.  He knows how to greet them, but he doesn't know how to play. This will become VERY useful in the next 3 months... ahem.

3. I still have a backlog of posts, so much so that I don't know where to start, which makes me forget what I was going to post for today.

4. My Gimli picture taking has become non-existent of late and I feel bad.  I think I just have to grab the camera and start snapping away.

5. I haven't worked out in about a month and I have to get back with it.  Christmas is coming and I have plenty of baking planned.  I've got to counteract it somehow.

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  1. Is Gimli getting a new puppy in the house in the next 3 months?? Or just visitors with doggies? Gwen went to the dog park yesterday for the first time...her story is today's post...I think she needs to figure out how to play well with others too!