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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Toy Hospital

Most dog owners have a few stuffed toys that have been torn open by their doggie's chewing.  Gimli has a great many of them.  When they are ripped open, we hide them away until I can find time to stitch them back up.

A couple years ago, we gave Gimli a sheep for Christmas.  He wasn't sure what to do with it, though I think he just likes having a toy that's bigger than his other ones.  For some reason, the sheep snorted, but Gimli didn't seem to mind.

You can see him with his sheep here: Gimli and his sheep.

Unfortunately, the snorting sound stopped working and then Gimli started ripping a hole at one of the seams.  We took it away and the poor sheepie has been sitting on our dresser for a few months.

Fast forward to yesterday.  Mike and I picked up some Christmas toys for Gimli and a package of replacement squeakers.  I decided I'd get my act together and start fixing the toys and the sheep was the first one.  Because Gimli follows me everywhere, he saw me grab sheepie and Gimli followed me all the way to the couch where he proceeded to oversee sheepie's surgery.

Yes, he stared at me with that face.

Turns out the noise mechanism, which was just a plastic hose in a plastic bag, couldn't be repaired.  So, sheepie is silent, but he's been stitched back together, much to Gimli's delight.

I have maybe 5 or 6 toys to fix and replace with squeakers and I'm sure Gimli will be right next to me to ensure his toy is fixed properly!


  1. I love Gimli's expressions! Gwen has been on a toy destroying rampage lately. I think she is trying to tell us to give her LOTS of presents for Christmas. She'll tear a hole in something and either pull out the stuffing or squeaker and then play with the skins once I take the "guts" away from her. We have toy "skins" everywhere!

    1. LOL, thanks! He is a cutie. Yup they'll do that. She could be teething again and she'll get a bit more destructive. We found Gimli's chewing and ripping apart toys decreased a great deal once all of his teeth came in. Now when he destroys, it's because he's found a loose thread lol.

      Yup, we have skins too! One of these days I want to purchase the toys that are just skins, save me the trouble of de-stuffing them!