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Monday, December 17, 2012

Gimli, the slipper burglar

Gimli's a shoe loving dog.  Since he was a puppy, he's had a thing for shoes. Any type of shoe - sandals, slippers, sneakers, boots, any shoe that belongs to me.  He doesn't go after Mike's shoes, nor does he go after socks.

The majority of the time, he's content to lie next to them or on them but he's never stolen them... until this past week.

That morning, my feet were cold and I went looking for my slippers.  I found one, but not the other.  I looked everywhere, but no slipper.  Something told me to look in Gimli's crate, where I found this.

I suspect Gimli stole it Monday evening and put it into his crate.  I had left them under the desk and assumed they would still be there on Tuesday morning.  When Mike put him to bed, Gimli lay on top of it so Mike didn't see it in the crate.

I really hope he doesn't make this a habit, the little thief!

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