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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What was 2012?

It was:

- the beginning of my weight loss annoyances
- the year where I was sick about 7 times
- the year I started to learn German
- I made a special Valentine's day present for Mike

- Gimli was the calendar boy for March

- Gimli ate a plum pit and gave me a mini-heart attack
- Gimli and I went to the Dog Jog event
- Mike and I started our ongoing battle with the weeds in the yard
- I became Gimli's favorite person
- Gimli obsessed over ribs

- We had the bacon turtle!

- We celebrated Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee

 - We went to High Tea at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto

- Gimli chose many incorrect teams for the Euro Cup
- I survived an 8 hour flight without a nervous breakdown
- Mike and I went to Germany
- Gimli was the calendar boy for July, showing off his big smile

- Gimli celebrated his 4th birthday

 - Gimli escaped, but our neighbor brought him back
- Mike and I went to Disneyland!

- Mike and I attended 2 weddings this year!

- I rented an amazing dress for wedding #1

- Gimli completed his first 5k walk

 - For Halloween, Gimli was a gnome

- I decorated our first set of pumpkins, more next year!

- Mike hurt his leg again and continues to be sidelined
- We started waiting for puppies and are still waiting
- Gimli photobombed one of my pictures
- I completed 74% of my list of objectives for the year, which is way up from the 41% from 2010.  My new list for 2013 will be up on the blog soon.

Here's hoping we can make the best of this year!

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