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Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Project: Photo365

If you've visited the blog, you know I take plenty of pictures.  If you could see the contents of my hard drive, you'd see a large directory devoted to pictures - some of which make it onto the blog and others that don't.

My main subject is Gimli, but lately I find there's so much more that I miss because I'm peeking through the lens at a certain corgi.

This is why when I came across the photo365 project over at Chookooloonks.com, I decided I'd give it a try.

I want to be able to take a picture each day of something, whatever it is. Both as a reminder of the day and as a way to develop my focus and my eye.

I'm going to place the pictures onto a Tumblr site to give it a home separate from this blog.

Check it out here: Corgified Candy Photo365 project.

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