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Monday, November 10, 2014

5 things about my corgis

Gwendolyn Rose Corgi challenged us to post 5 things about Gimli and Merida, so here we are:


Gimli was named years before he was born. We are LOTR fans and I knew I wanted to name a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Gimli. We didn't know if we'd get a girl or a boy, but even if it was a girl, we'd stash away "Gimli" for future use.

To get our attention, Gimli lies on his back and paws at the air. Every time he does this, I pounce on him for belly rubs.

People often mistake Gimli for a girl. We think it's because of his fluffy hair and eyelashes.

He does not like to be surprised. If you sneak up on him, he will bark at you and then "complain" in a very corgi speaking voice.

Him and I carry on conversations on a regular basis. I talk to him and he responds in his corgi voice. It's quite funny and I'm sure you think I'm crazy, but it's what we do.


She's Gimli's half-niece. Gimli's half-sister by the same father is Merida's mother. As a result, they both have the same tiny patch of white hair between their shoulder blades.

She's a snow/cold weather girl. In the Summer, she wants to be inside where it's cool. Now that the weather has cooled down, she wants to be outside.

She does not like anyone wearing a mask or balaclava etc. We were checking out our winter accessories and I tried on my face mask. She lost it! She barked and tried to jump on my head. The second I took it off, she covered me in kisses and was back to normal.

She loves to snuggle. One day, I will sleep a full night with her in bed, though Mike doesn't know it yet.

She is patient and likes to know what you're doing, especially if you are in the kitchen.

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