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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Who needs a scarecrow?

Corgis are herding dogs. They were bred to drive livestock based on the farmer's commands. Somewhere along the line, those corgis who weren't good at herding stayed home and watched the farmhouse. They took care of rodents and kept things in order.

My dogs seem to have inherited the "keep things in order" trait.

As I've mentioned before, our backyard backs onto a farmer's field that's covered in corn. The local crows have started eating the corn and two of them decided to eat the corn that's right in line with our backyard.

I first noticed the crows the other day and of course, whenever one stands at the backdoor for any length of time, the corgis suspect you're looking at a "critter". They scampered over and saw two crows busily eating the corn.

I opened the door and off they went to scare off the crows.

Merida sounding the alarm and Gimli bringing up the rear. Now, every time they walk by the sliding door, they sneak a peek to see if the crows have returned. Those crows have wised up too, they moved down the row so they are in line with the neighbor's backyard - no pesky little barky dogs live there.

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