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Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 things - November edition

I realize I haven't done this sort of post in a while, so here goes:

1. Mike has lost 20 lbs. Yes, that's right, 20! His pants are falling off of him and some of his shirts are now too big.

He still has more weight to lose, but he's quite thrilled with his results. I think I'm going to buy him a belt for Christmas.

2. I am run/walking up to 8k now. Provided I keep up this pace of adding half a kilometer each week, I'll be up to 10k in time for our race in January.

It still doesn't feel like we have less than 60 days to go, it's quite surreal.

3. It's beginning to look like Christmas in our house. Nearly all of the decorations are up, and most of the Christmas cards are addressed. I haven't started my baking yet, but I plan to start next week.

4. Gimli visited the vet on Saturday for his yearly checkup. He's healthy as can be - his coat is good, his weight and heart are good, and his teeth are in good shape for a 6 year old. He didn't like the thermometer in the ear, but other than that, he was his usual grumpy/happy-for-cookies self.

5. We have our first real snow of the season and Merida is beside herself with joy. All she wants to do is romp and pounce in the snow, regardless of the sub-zero temperatures!  She criss-crosses the yard with her tracks and digs her head into drifts looking for something to play with.

She reminds me of this panda: 

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