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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Healthy as a... corgi

We took Gimli to the vet today for his checkup and to have blood drawn to test for heartworm.

Of course, Gimli was excited to see all the ladies there - they all love him and he does his best to appear cuter than he really is.  He lay on his back and pawed at the air, he sat up and pawed, he lay down and gave the biggest smile and the ladies all fawned over him.

He's a smart one, this dog.

The only trouble he had was when he had to have his blood drawn.  We put on a muzzle, as Gimli doesn't like needles, then the Dr. took him to the back room away from us.  A looonnng 10 minutes elapsed and we heard some yelping and crying.  Finally he came back with a nice star bandage on his leg.

All in all, Gimli's healthy.  He's roughly 28 lbs, which is right where he's supposed to be corgi wise.  We've recently discovered he's a larger corgi... or perhaps I haven't seen other male corgis to get a good enough comparison.  When we visited his breeder, she had only females at home and Gimli was a good size bigger than the girls.  I suspect Gimli's father was a big boy and that accounts for Gimli.

It's funny though, Gimli doesn't look ungainly, he looks normal... if that makes sense.

It was also a sad visit to the vet.  We are leaving that practice for one closer to home.  It takes about 30 minutes to get there... on a good day.  If we have an appointment during the week, it has to be later in the evening because Mike has to come home and pick us up, then we head to the clinic.

The vet gave us some recommendations for clinics in our city, so that makes it a bit easier to achieve the same standard of care, but still... a little sad.

I'm sure Gimli will have the female employees at the new clinic fawning over him in no time!

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