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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Last Time

It was a cold morning in January and I had a feeling that I could not shake. A weird, something isn't right, sort of feeling. I didn't tell Mike for fear of being melodramatic, so we continued on.

We got 6 month old Gimli ready and we headed to the vet. In the reception area after we handed him over and he happily went with the vet technician, the receptionist told me not to worry. I didn't believe her. I held back tears and smiled at her.

The house was quiet and we started our day.

Around lunchtime, the phone rang. I knew the caller before Mike picked up the phone. I sat across the desk from him and saw the color drain from his face. I was on the phone with a customer at the time and I don't know how I managed to complete the conversation.

Gimli started bleeding uncontrollably during the neutering surgery. He lost a great deal of blood and they had to give him an infusion. He was stable now, but they were going to watch him for the afternoon and he had to be on extreme limited rest for the next few days so as to avoid opening the stitches.

As you know, Gimli is alive and well.

Today is Merida's spay appointment. I'm nervous and a little scared because she's so little and because the vet keeps the spays overnight for monitoring. I'm trying not to think about what could go wrong, but it's colored by what happened with Gimli.

If you can spare any good thoughts, please send them our way.


  1. I hope everything went well with little Merida!!

    1. Thanks for asking, it went well. She's back home now and it's been difficult to keep her quiet. I'm counting the days til the end of the week!