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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Should have named her Pumbaa

Lately, I've looked at Merida and I feel like I should have named her Pumbaa.

For example:

  • She's in the background at times. She hasn't learned to stand up for herself yet with Gimli.
  • She has the same, um... "gas" problem as Pumbaa.  This girl can clear a room! I can't wait til we can change her food.
  • She gobbles her food like Pumbaa. You'd swear we don't feed her. We've taken to picking up her bowl as she eats to give her time to actually swallow.  After her spay and things return to normal, we're going to investigate putting a ball into the bowl and see if that helps.
  • She still has her lower baby fang teeth.  When she smiles, she looks like a warthog.  She's going in to be spayed on Thursday, so the vet will remove them at that time.

I told her she was a little piggy and she gave me this face.

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