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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It has been at least -20 degrees here for the past week. It's supposed to stay below zero til the weekend. It's an understatement to say the corgis are unimpressed.

We cannot go for walks because it's so cold, my face starts to freeze. Even with layers, a full length coat, big thick gloves, hat, scarf, and one of those face covering things that only show your eyeballs, I'm still frozen. The other day I was sure my eyeballs had frozen and I was going to go blind as they thawed.

The corgis give up and limp along with cold paws and once that wind hits us, it sends a shock through your system and squeezes your heart. I would not be surprised if I glimpsed a White Walker in the field behind us... it's that cold and desolate looking outside.

Gimli only stays in the backyard long enough to use the washroom, then he bounds back to the door. Even wearing his red jacket, he wants to come back inside.

There are two steps under that snow.

Merida, the snow puppy, yearns to play in the snow, but she's no match for those temperatures and that wind. Except, she doesn't know this and so she tries to stay out to pounce in the snow, but we call her back with the promise of cookies.

It is supposed to get a little warmer tomorrow, up to -10. It's supposed to get up to the freezing mark on the weekend. Hopefully, I can take the corgis out for a proper walk then.

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