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Thursday, January 16, 2014

What was 2013?

Apologies for the lateness, but 2013 was:


Gimli glowed in the rising sun

I went to Trinidad


Gimli and I found the red wubba buried in the snow

Gimli went looking for his dog friend

My dwarf went under snow

I tossed a dwarf!

Gimli won the best smile contest!

Gimli wanted bar service


It was Mike's birthday and we spent it aboard the Disney Fantasy!

Posing on pirate night

Our plate from Palo

Relaxing on his birthday

I pretended to be Marilyn Monroe


Gimli posed with Bombur the Squishable

Gimli thought he could hide under Mike's wheelchair

We had an ice storm and lost one of our branches


Gimli borrowed the neighborhood children's chalk and left his mark.

Gimli met a lovely Greyhound

We met a lovely little puppy



Learned how to pounce

Sat next to her big brother


The corgis learned to line up

Gimli reminded us how to smile

Merida told me what she thought of my bra


Gimli turned 5 years old!

Gimli and I went to the Arboretum on our own

Corgi snuggles!

They met a new friend!

They didn't go swimming.

Merida got to see her sister!

Merida's dad!


We walked in the Bark for Life to raise money for Cancer

The corgis shared a toy

Merida lost a few teeth


The corgis posed with the pumpkins

Mike went as Carl

I dressed as Isabella for Halloween

A praying mantis showed up in our yard


Merida was a bad little puppy

Merida had her first taste of snow


Seafood feast in The Keys!

I held an alligator!

Airboats on the Everglades

My birthday at Walt Disney World!

Snow romps!

Gimli taught Merida all about Christmas

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