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Monday, January 6, 2014

Late Christmas posting

I'm late in posting our Christmas shenanigans, but I hope you enjoy them just the same.

This was Merida's first Christmas and she pretty much just roamed around the house wondering why a large tree was in the corner, why things were under it and why Gimli became so excited over a stocking.

We don't yet have any place to hang the stockings, so I had to place them on the love seat. Of course, Gimli, like any child on Christmas morning made a beeline for the stockings.  Don't ask me how he knew, maybe it was the presence of cookies, who knows?

Notice Merida sitting next to him out of formality, she had no concept of a stocking.

Of course, Gimli took advantage of the stocking and stole his. He shook it a little so he could steal his Dentastick and gobble it up before I realized what he'd done. I then placed both stockings on the top of the chair and waited for Mike to come downstairs.

The stocking cookies were gobbled up in no time - these are corgis after all!  In the toe of both stockings, the corgis found their new shirts.

Gimli's supposed to be Thing 1, but they didn't have his size.

Next came the actual presents. They received a couple new items, but the majority were toys that I had repaired and regifted to them. A total of 6 toys were given and by the end of the day, 3 toys were already in disrepair. That red-white-green ball had to go to the bin after only a few minutes. Miss Merida is a toy destroyer! It's quite frustrating and we've stopped purchasing any soft toys as they don't last too long.  Argh, we were spoiled with Gimli :(

After the presents, came breakfast. The corgis got some extra goodies here too - some egg and small pieces of bacon.

Then, it was time to romp outside to survey the damage from the crazy ice storm. There was a fine layer of ice on top of the snow, so they couldn't romp and run.

All in all, a good day, though Mike and I were a little frazzled over it all. Going away on vacation at the beginning of December, while is great for your birthday, really turns on the Christmas stress when you're back home. I don't think I'll do that again.

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