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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Come back doggie friend

The farmer behind us has an Australian Cattle dog. This dog and Gimli are fence friends. Whenever the dog roams with his master or even if he's out on his own, he has to stop by our fence to check on Gimli. And anytime we see the farm dog at the fence, we allow Gimli to go out to see his friend.

They don't do much other than pee and sniff through the fence, but there's a sense of friendship.

Picture from a couple years ago.

Today, Mike noticed the farm dog sitting at the fence waiting for Gimli. However, by the time Gimli made it outside, the farm dog had walked away. Gimli then sat and waited by the fence, looking for his friend, but he didn't come back.

Picture from a couple years ago.

It was so sad to see. Two friends just missing each other.

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