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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

a new direction

It's a bit of an understatement that the frequency of blog posts has decreased over the past year. I don't know why. I know I like putting my words/thoughts/silly corgis out there, but sometimes our life is so very boring that I don't have much to say. Multiply that with starting a new exercise regimen and doing "stuff" that you have little time for blogging and all it entails - taking pictures, modifying said pictures, and writing posts.

This past December, I was part of a voluntary Twitter experiment where you had to state the things/places/people etc for which you were grateful. I had fun with it and it helped lessen the impending stress I was facing due to hosting Christmas dinner. The whole experiment promptly popped out of my head until this past weekend. I was feeling guilty because I had so many half dreamed up ideas that I wanted to post, but I never made time to do it. If I didn't make time to do it, then was it a good idea? Did I care enough? Don't really know. That's when the idea hit me to shake things up on the blog.

For me, I find my days run into each other. I don't stop and smell the roses anymore, it's do this, do that, walk the dogs, plan dinner, cook dinner, go exercise, lament that you're behind in your running training and so on and so on. I've also been dealing with my computer and actual life balance. Many times I'm on the computer doing nothing in particular, so I'm struggling with this as well.

The new direction of the blog will be to post weekly about the 5 things for which I'm grateful in the previous 7 days. I'll still throw in the Flat Corgis, Throwback Thursdays and full fledged posts when the mood strikes, but I'm not going to get upset if I don't have a picture to go along with the blog post. I intend to start a journal to write down all the gratefuls during the week and use that list as basis for the weekly post.

No Merida, we aren't going away

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