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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Disney Dream a little Dream with me

I've been MIA for a while because we, Mike and I, have been on vacation!

We left on 4/9 to Orlando where we took the Disney Dream for a spin and then spent a few hectic and sweaty days at the parks.  Gimli got to stay with the in-laws and eat to his heart's content.  They say he lost weight, but they are just trying to justify the fact that Gimli appears to have eaten about 2 weeks worth of food in 10 days time.

This was our second time cruising with Disney, which makes us Silver Castaway Cay members.  It doesn't mean much really except that you get a cool gift in your room, which is Disney's way of thanking you for spending a couple thousand dollars in their direction - a tote bag and 2 reusable drinking containers and a Disney Cruise Line keychain, which I have already put onto my keys.  Sorry Mike, you snooze you lose!

We didn't plan on taking another cruise so soon after 2010, but Mike really wanted to see the Disney Dream, which is the newest and largest in their fleet.

She did not disappoint.  She's much larger than the Disney Wonder and much more modern than the Wonder and the Magic.  The atrium is magnificent and there are all these little details all over the ship that you can spend hours searching for them.  For example, I didn't see this til our last night, but in the railings on the grand staircase there are headshots of the original 6 characters - (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy & Pluto).

In the stateroom hallway carpets there is a picture of the world with the entire fleet at various stations.

In front of the Walt Disney theater, there are pictures on the ceiling.  The only way you'll see these is if you chance to look up, which I found myself doing so much of I'm sure people thought I was crazy.  Unfortunately, I only took two pictures - one of Robin Hood and the other of Hades, but trust me there are characters all around the ceiling.


The atrium's light fixture is comprised of only led lights and is a sight to behold.

For the rest of the week I'll have more pictures of the Dream and our adventures and I'll end with bonus shots of Gimli.


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