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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nassau & Castaway Cay

Mike and I chose to sail on the 4 day Bahamian cruise, which was the same one we did last year.  Its a nice short cruise, but next time, we want to do a longer stay, most likely the 7 day ones to either the Eastern or Western Caribbean locations.

One of the things I wanted to do last year but couldn't was to get pictures of the ship arriving in the ports of call.  I'm glad to say we were able to get the pictures this year, albeit we had to wake up early, throw on some clothes and run up to deck 13!

The Bahamas is nice, but the ship docks in Nassau and you're limited in that you have to be back on the ship by 7pm or so.  Because we visited Atlantis last year, we chose to stay on the ship this time around.

This was a good idea because Mike was a good husband and surprised me with a hot stones massage in onboard spa - Senses!  I've never had a professional massage before and I must say I'm going to save my pennies to continue the massages now that we're back home.  I was very sore going into our vacation with a lower back ache that I'd had for weeks, but my masseuse was awesome and took out all the kinks.  I've you've never had a hot stones massage before, go get one!  Trust me, its definitely worth it!

The rest of the day, Mike and I spent exploring the ship and taking advantage of the interactive pictures on each deck to help find the missing 99 Dalmatian puppies!  To explain, on the ship there's a game for kids, but we did it anyway, called the "Midship Detective Agency".  To play the game, you're assigned a card and number, which you use at various interactive images around the ship to receive clues to figure out which Disney Villain stole the 99 puppies.  In our case, it was one of my favorite villains, the Evil Queen.  Mike thought it was going to be Cruella, but that would have been far too obvious.  Silly Mike!

The following day was our stop at Castaway Cay, Disney's private island in the Bahamas.  We beelined for the adult section, Serenity Bay and we were lucky enough to get a hammock for us to use.

When we arrived at the beach, the tide was quite low, so much so that I waded out quite far and the water only came up to my knees and I'm 5 feet 4 inches.  I was first greeted by these tiny little fish looking for food at the water level, who I sent squirming away with my giant feet pounding away and as I waded further I came upon larger fish.

It was great fun to stand there and watch the larger fish swim around.  As I walked, they would swim away but once I stopped, they would slowly swim closer to me but they never got close enough to find out what I was.

We had a lovely lunch near Serenity Bay before Mike and I headed back to the ship.  On our way, we stopped off at the Post Office to send a postcard to ourselves at home, (it hasn't arrived yet), just so we could have a memento from Castaway Cay.  We ran out of time to do this last year and I'm glad we were able to take advantage of it this year.  I'm already planning for our next Castaway Cay visit by bringing an actual Disney related postcard with me, since the Post Office only had Bahamian related postcards.

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