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Monday, May 9, 2011

And He Signs His Name With A Capital G

From the time we brought Gimli home, people thought he was a girl.

We'd hear, "Aww, such a cute puppy, what's her name?"  We'd laugh and reply, "Thanks, his name's Gimli."

From the time we brought Gimli home, people have been wrong about his breed.

We'd hear, "What sort of dog is that?" and "Is that a corki cross?" and the ever popular variations of "What happened to his legs?" and "Looks like your dog stopped growing!"

(By the way, wtf is a "corki"??)

We'd laugh and say, "Oh, he's a purebred corgi, but he has long hair because he's a fluffy."  And then proceed to fill the person's heads with all things corgi.

From the time we brought Gimli home, Mike and I have given him nicknames.  I think its only natural to give someone a silly or cute name and who better than a corgi?

Gimli's names are: Goo, Gimli Bear, Lord Gimli (when he's been bad), Gimli Puff, Gimmo and the latest one, Grimus.

Very rarely do other people give him a name, except for today.

We were on a walk this evening and came upon the same toddler and his mother that I wrote about here. And yes, the toddler had the same hockey stick and he still wanted to come over and hit say hi to Gimli.

I overheard her say to the boy, "Look its the waving puppy!"

What can you do huh?

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