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Monday, May 2, 2011

Goodbye Evil Queen

We picked up our new Venza on Friday and I drove my Mazda 3 hatch for the last time.  I will admit I was a little sad taking him to the Toyota dealership where he was traded in. I drove him home the first time and I wanted to drive him back one last time.  Mike was going to drive, but when I told him to move over, he did so without hesitation.

He was my first brand new car.  He was the car we used to bring home Gimli.  Those scratches on the inside rear passenger door, its us playing Tetris to fit Gimli's crate into the back. I asked for speed and he gave it to me, every time, no questions asked.  He also had the shifter option to give you more speed, but we were too chicken to try it out.

He was black, not the best color to have if you ever want your car to look clean, but when he was clean, he was "Niiiiiicee!"  The lights glinted off the sides and roof like a mirror.  I always regretted not having the windows tinted in that car.  The inside dashboard glowed red at night, like a smoldering fire. I also wanted to get a vanity plate of "Evil Queen" or something similar.  I felt it fit me and it fit the car, except the Ministry of Transportation declined it and I never submitted a replacement. But to us and our friends, he was always referred to as "Evil Queen".

Goodbye Evil Queen, I'm sure your next owner will appreciate the endless supply of corgi hair appearing from every crevice!

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