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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Best frap ever!

For anyone that doesn't know about "fraps", its something that corgis do.  Its an acronym for "frantically running around playing".  Often, you'll be playing with your dog and then it becomes so excited, it runs around like a little Tasmanian Devil!

It looks something like this.  This is a video from Jespah1 on YouTube, I don't have a video of Gimli frapping.

This morning, Gimli went upstairs with Mike and I could hear them playing fetch in the hallway.  All of a sudden, Gimli raced down the stairs and toward where I was sitting at the back of the house.  He then ran around the living room about 6 times.

Usually when we say, "Frappo!", it makes him go faster and he headed back to the front of the house and then back where he ran around the dining room table a few times before returning to the living room to zoom around some more!

He ran over to his water dish and then he was done.

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