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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hawk's landing

We live on the edge of our city and our house backs onto a large expanse of land owned by a farmer.  As such, there's a great deal of wild animals that run around, although I've only seen our one rabbit friend.

On Friday, I came downstairs for lunch and noticed a rather large animal sitting in the grass on the other side of our gazebo.  I peered out the sliding glass door and found a hawk sitting with its talons firmly into its prey.  He stood there for a few seconds, lifting and dropping his talons further killing the prey.  Then, it started picking away the feathers.

I showed him to Gimli, who stared at him and then back to me with those big, brown corgi eyes begging to be let outside to go meet his new friend.

The hawk, then flew to the back of the yard where he proceeded to do this...

This was leftover when litterbug Mr. Hawk flew away.

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