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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vote for Gimli!

Gimli has become quite the little celebrity around here.

First, I entered him into the Corgi Butts: Corgis (with blogs) contest and he made it!  In the 2011 contest he's going to be Mr. March!

Then, I entered a few of his pictures for the CorgiPals Corgi Lingo contest and Gimli was selected as a finalist in two categories:
  • June - Eyeliner
  • July - Corgi Smile.  This picture makes me collapse into laughter every time I see it, check it out, I'm sure you will too!
If you can, go vote for the only red and white fluff representative!

In both contests, the winners will be featured in a calendar and the proceeds will benefit various corgi rescue organizations, so a good cause all around. My family and friends are going to receive so many calendars for Christmas this year...

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