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Friday, November 25, 2011

My Corgi is a Liar

My friends, if you are new to the world of Corgis, I will teach you about the "Corgi Lies".

These dwarf like creatures are ruled by their bellies.  Their appetites are the stuff of legend and rumors abound in the Corgi community with regard to Corgis tricking their owners into double meals and of stealing food here and there that's been "accidentally" left in reach.  There is also a video of one of these beasts climbing onto a chair to be able to reach the food on the table!  (See it here).

Yes, these Corgis are wily creatures and will gladly follow a stranger so long as it's offered food.

In the attached image, you will see what appears to be a corgi who is not fed properly.

His daily diet consists of:
- 1/2 cup of food for breakfast and dinner, followed by 2 small cookies as dessert at both feeding times
- 1/2 a Dentabone for lunch
- A few pieces of Candy's breakfast toast
- Some pieces of whatever fruit Candy happens to eat during the day - apples, pears etc
- A couple baby carrots

So, my friends you can clearly see, this shockingly inadequate diet is what contributed to this image of this Corgi.

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  1. I call Atticus a Thespian, not a liar. And he should get an Oscar for Lifetime Achievement.