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Monday, November 14, 2011


I had a post all queued up in my head about the freaky rest stop in Michigan, (psst, we heard gunshots while there!!!), that we encountered yesterday, but I cannot post it tonight.


Because the camera is in the glove compartment of the car, which is sitting in a parking lot because Mike is with a buddy of his watching "Immortals".

It will have to wait til tomorrow.

In other news, our bannister is now festooned with our Christmas lights and garland and it looks lovely! Except, the lights are the LED ones that are supposed to never go out, but one bulb did.  At least the entire string still lights, but sheesh the strings are only 5 years old!

Now I have to figure out how to put up the other garland we bought for the outside of the house.  It's supposed to go around the door, but I am unsure how to accomplish it.  I'll look on Google.

Gimli is back to his normal self today even though he didn't sleep very much this past weekend.  No health issues, he just couldn't get to sleep in an unfamiliar house... can you say Lord Gimli indeed?  He didn't even sleep in the car on the way home, such a little diva!  When we got home, he promptly conked out on the rug.

Oh, and one last thing, we found out today that Rammstein are coming back to Canada next year!  I was beside myself at lunch time and I gasped/squealed so loudly that Gimli thought I was being attacked and he proceeded to run around the house barking.  They are going to play Montreal in May of next year and its looking like we're going to try to get tickets again.  Cannot wait!

They are bypassing Toronto entirely and I suspect that there aren't enough fans here.  ie the Montreal 2010 show was sold out and when prompted the entire venue sang - Du Hast and Liebe is fur alle Da, but in Toronto?  nope.  Not very many sang.  Well, I did, but my voice isn't so loud to fill the Air Canada Center!  The venue wasn't sold out either.  So, I cannot say I blame them.

I really need to learn German now, gonna start on Rosetta Stone once things quiet down around here.

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