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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Guest posting today is Gimli:

Hewo, its gimli heer again.

I didn't post for a looonnng time cuz i've ben busy being cute and fluffalicious.

It is fall outside and all these crunchy leaves are on the grass.  i don't know why its called fall becuz nothing is falling?  da big tree in the yard is naked though, it has no more leaves.

Candy wanted to take sum picturs of me playing in da leaves but by da time it stoped raining most ob the leaves wuz gone.

Heer iz a nice pictur of me though, aren't i cute?

Da odder day, Candy und i was outside in the morning after our walk und the grasses had frost on it.  I wunder if dat means the fluffy cold stuff is coming soon?

i like that stuff becuz i can eat it and make trenches in it and pounce around like a tiggr and roll around in it.  but i don't like when it stix in my toeses, Candy has to help me when dat happens.

Heer is a extra shot of me and my wiggly butt.  i wuz looking at the corn field and making sure no zombies were coming to get us. As you know, us corgis are da prefered dog breed to have if zombies are attacking.  It sais so heer: Best & Worst Dogs for the Zombie Apocalypse.

ok frends, i am off to put on my cute face and tease candy into belly rubs.

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