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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thanks for the reminder Facebook!

So Facebook is trying to be like Google +.

Too little too late if you ask me.  I've already decided to make the switch to Google +, except the vast majority of my friends and family still use Facebook.  Thus, I'm still over there.

The most recent Facebook changes have me very confused and I don't like it when I feel like I need a training course to figure out how to do the most simplest of actions.

One of these changes is you now have the ability to "approve" all relations.  (No, not those, though you should approve of them.)  I'm talking about the relations within the Facebook profile with regard to family - ie brother/sister/mother/father/husband/wife etc.

Because Mike and I have entered our relationship status as "Married" and specified "to whom", our picture appears on the others profile, much like this image.

However, at the bottom of the profile it shows the following:

Why is it listed twice?

Thank you Facebook for reminding me and any other profile stalkers out there that I am off the market... unless of course you happen to be a drummer from a certain German Industrial band... ahem...

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