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Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter Woofstock!

Yesterday, Mike, Gimli and I went to the Winter Woofstock held in Downtown Toronto.

Because it was so busy, Mike held onto Gimli's leash while I walked a few steps ahead to guide us through the crowds.

Gimli was calmer this time around, I think he remembered the Summer Woofstock and so he stayed right with Mike.  He met a great deal of doggies and was calm and loving to all of them, even when they growled back at him.  In fact, this particularly grumpy Chihuahua was growling at him and Gimli calmly walked away.  I was very proud!

This kid has the same color hair as me, he gets extra kisses!

The first thing I saw was a Mr. Sun toy sitting in a bin, half covered by another toy.  I showed it to Mike with the words, "oh I have to get this!"  See, this toy is one of Gimli's favorite toys in the universe.  When we brought him home from his breeder, she sent a battered Mr. Sun along with a little blanket that still held Gimli's mom's and his litter-mates' scents on them.  Since that day, Gimli has treated the toy and blanket with reverence.  Whenever he sees Mr. Sun, his eyes light up and he pays you full attention.

After I paid for Mr. Sun, I met up with Mike and Gimli, who was showing off his corgi self to these 2 Japanese patrons.  They both posed for a picture and were enamored with him.  Of course, when Gimli waved goodbye, they both squealed with delight and repeated that he was so cute!

We came upon a stall selling the antlers and wouldn't you know, Gimli goes after the biggest one.  Greedy little thing.  We didn't purchase one though since he has a sizable one at home.

Yum, antler.

We went into the VIP tent, but there wasn't much there to see, other than sitting around and taking a rest.  Gimli was grateful for the big red dog bed.  I couldn't remember if I had signed up for a swag bag and there was no list to confirm so Gimli may have missed out on some nifty items.  Oh well, what can you do?  Hope next time the volunteers are more organized?

Someone's tired.

Nevermind that we have two dog beds for Gimli, I think he wants us to get another one.

There were a great many dogs there, but mainly the usual dog breeds that are in vogue - Chihuahuas, Boston Terrier, Golden Retrievers, Pugs & Puggles and other assorted small lap dogs.  I even saw a few dogs in strollers!  We did run into a rather large Samoyed, who promptly pushed her large head down into the bag I was carrying that held a couple boxes of treats and Gimli's new toy.  The owner was oblivious and I just laughed it off, because the dog was friendly but was just nosy.  After seeing this Samoyed though, I will never complain about Gimli's hair again!

There was one big highlight of the day though and it made me proud to be a corgi owner and it just confirms that us corgi owners really do have the best dogs.  Because I was walking ahead of Mike and Gimli, who would often become swamped in a group of dogs all sniffing and meeting each other, I was lucky enough to hear the comments of the passersby.

I heard things like, "Oh, look at that corgi, how lovely!", "Oh a corgi!  How cute!", "Growing up we had a corgi and they are so smart!  They will always have a place in my heart.", "Is that a corgi?  Oh they are the best dogs!", "Oh wow, I've never seen a corgi service dog before".

(*record scratch* Say what?  hmmm, corgi service dog, this gives me an idea... now to figure out how to get him to Disney...)

Lastly, the one that made me smile the brightest, we ran into a gentleman there, who Gimli took a liking to.  He stooped to the ground and was lavishing affection on Gimli and he told us he had a corgi when he was a boy and has always loved them.  He thanked us for allowing Gimli to say hi and for making his trip to Woofstock worth it. 

All in all, it was a good couple hours spent.  Gimli came home dead tired and slept/lazed around the rest of the day/evening.

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