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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back from the vet

This morning we took Gimli to the vet because his little booboos on his belly and leg weren't really going away.  In truth, once we apply Polysporin to the area, they scab over and slowly go away, but then another one appears.

As we said before, in our Sick little corgi post, we suspected allergies since they came on so suddenly.  Since we are going away very soon, I wanted the vet to look at it to confirm our theory and suggest something to help our itchy, scratchy little corgi.

The vet visit went well, Gimli has lost weight and is now 28 lbs.  YAY!  At his last visit in January, he was 32 lbs and while the vet didn't say anything, she did emphasize the phrase, 'Oh, he's 32 lbs now!'

Our suspicions were confirmed, it is some sort of allergy to the weeds in the area.  We figure the allergy didn't flare up last year because we were in a new subdivision that had just been sodded and so no room for the weeds to flourish.  This year on the other hand weeds are everywhere!  We have no grass or weeds in the front yard, but the backyard is a different story.  I keep pulling weeds to keep them at a minimum, but weeds are weeds aren't they?  In the parks, the weed population is much worse and I've noticed a new type of weed so I've been trying my hardest to keep Gimli on the sidewalks and away from the itchy weeds.  Thankfully that weed hasn't reared its ugly head in our yard.

Gimli is now on Benadryl for the foreseeable future - until he stops itching or until the first frost, whichever comes first.  He's taking the adult pill form since the liquid form often contains Xylitol, which is fatal to doggies.

Its 10.12pm now and he's conked out on the floor.  I have to admit, I'm a little paranoid and keep staring at him to make sure he's breathing, but that's just me, he has scared me before!

How can you keep him away from the grass when he loves it so much?

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