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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back home

We're back from our travels in Germany!  I have a great many posts and pictures, so look for these in the coming days.

We had a fantastic time, but coming to the end of the trip, I started to miss Gimli.

Gimli, of course, was none the wiser and was having a grand old time staying at my dad's place.  Apparently Gimli is now the neighborhood corgi and has made friends with nearly everyone.  I'm sure he was spoiled rotten as well, which is what everyone seems to do with corgis.  Hey, what can I say, corgis are the cutest dogs ever!

Gimli enjoyed himself chasing squirrels, watching fish in the pond and digging around in the dirt.  He became so dusty and dirty that they had to give him a bath!

As luck would have it, our Disney adventure guide - Jennae loves corgis.  She's trying to convince her husband to get a corgi.  Naturally, Flat Gimli was a big hit with her and she does have a few pictures with him.

Last night, because neither of us wanted to lug Gimi's crate up the stairs, we left it downstairs and allowed Gimli to sleep in our room.  Around 4 am or so, Mike woke up to a little corgi head trying to climb up onto the bed.  Mike gave in, (hrmph and you say I'm weak willed when it comes to Gimli!), and before I knew it there was a warm little corgi at the foot of the bed.

It was all fine until he started dreaming and kicking me.  Ha!

Our yard is doing quite poorly and that's something to work on in the coming weeks.  It's been a heat wave and so the grass is now nice and brown, except for the weeds, which are nice and green... grrr.

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