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Friday, June 29, 2012

How Gimli made me sad

We are leaving on our vacation tomorrow and so today I had to call the microchip company and provide Gimli's alternate address and phone number in case he decides to escape.

I store Gimli's vaccination history and all such papers in these two plastic folders so it's easier to locate them as needed.  I also store his very first collar.

Every time I look at his collar, I remember how small he used to be and how he fought to take it off of him the first few days after he came home.  Gimli, I believe, remembers it because he always comes to see it and sniff it.

Today I left it on the floor as I made my phone call and after I hung up the phone, I saw Gimli had stolen the collar and was hoarding it under his head.  He does this when he feels he has stolen something and it's his ploy to make you leave him alone with it.

I was able to take it away from him, with the help of a cookie, but it made me sad at the thought that it might be damaged or even destroyed because Mr. greedypants wants it.

*sigh* I miss those puppy days.

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