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Friday, June 8, 2012

Gimli picks Euro 2012 results 6/8

I'm not much of a sports fan.  I'll watch hockey if it's on tv, but only if Mike also happens to be watching it.  There's something about soccer though, but only the big competitions like The World Cup or Euro 2012, which started today.  I don't know any of the players or which teams are among the favorites to win... ok, so I know Germany is, but don't know any of the others.

Like the 2010 World Cup where we had Paul the Octopus, who correctly predicted the outcome of all Germany's games, for this this year's Euro 2012 competition there's Citta the elephant and Khyrak the pig both from Poland - the co-host of this year's games.  Citta predicted Poland would win the first game against Greece, but she was incorrect.

In light of the animal silliness, I thought I'd bring Gimli in on the action.

There were two games today:

1. Poland v. Greece
2. Russia v. The Czech Republic

In my highly non-scientific poll, I wrote the names of each country and the word "Draw" on slips of paper, assigned each a cookie and allowed Gimli to choose.  I'll be doing the tests this way for the duration of the competition.  In addition, however the countries are listed on the schedule, that's how I will present them.  For example, if it reads Poland v. Greece, I won't reverse the countries when I lay out the paper.

Gimli chose a draw for the first game, which was the game's result.

For the second game, Gimli chose Russia and they did indeed win by a score of 4-1.

So far, Gimli's at 100% accuracy, but it's only the first day.  Tomorrow we see Netherlands against Denmark and Germany against Portugal.

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