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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gimli's afternoon escapade

hewo, is gimli hier.

been a long time since i rote sumting hier, but i hav to tel yu bout my walk today.

dis afternoon, mike let me outside und when i sniffed round my yard i see da gate wuz open.  i wiggled to da gate, then wiggled through it und walked allllll da way to da front yard.

i sniffed round da rox, den remembered bout da cat dat lives next door so i went to da neighbur to see if da cat was dere.

i didn't see da cat, but i saw da oder neighbur's dog, so i went to say hi!

dat dog wuz with his owner, who i know so i followed da owner und da doggie bak to my house.

mike opened da door und i gave him da bigest grin und wiggled bak inside.  candy says i like to raise her blood pressure, but i don't know how to raise anything, i iz too short.

Somehow the gate was unlatched and Gimli slipped out  from our yard.  He wasn't gone for more than 10 minutes, but we assumed he was sniffing around the backyard. In that time, he made it 3 houses down from ours. We are grateful the neighbor knew us and where he lived and that Gimli loves everyone, so he gladly followed the neighbor back to our house.

We've looked at the latch and it is a little stiff, so we're going to put WD 40 on it tomorrow.  The gate is designed to swing back into place, but because it's stiff, that's probably why it didn't take hold.

I don't know what I'd do if he got out and disappeared.

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