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Monday, August 20, 2012

Operation Zwei - Check in #2

It's check in time once again and the figures have changed a little.  The area under my ribs has decreased, but everywhere else hasn't.

Measurements as of August 20th:

Weight: 133 lbs

Circumference under ribs: 28.5 in <---- YAY, lost an inch here!

Circumference at belly button: 34 in

Circumference at hips:36.5 in

I came across a site that has about 10 or 11 different exercises that can be done to help shrink those pesky stomach muscles.  I can do most of the exercises - you have to do 25 of each - I'm only doing 10 of each, but it's much more than I was doing before.

I've done about 4 days of this exercise regimen and then had a food packed weekend, so the fact that I did lose an inch makes me glad.  Hopefully I can continue this over the next few weeks and give myself some wiggle room in that dress!

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