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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Itchy & Scratchy

Gimli's been itching off and on for about a week now.  There's clumps of hair strewn around our house and I don't mean the weave of corgi hair that we all have on our carpets, I'm talking clumps!

This all started last week when Gimli kept sliding on the floor on account of the hair between his toes.  Mike decided to trim the hair with the clippers and did a good enough job of it until Gimli zigged and Mike zagged and Gimli ended up with a booboo on one of the pads of his feet.

It wasn't too bad, the pad wasn't sliced open or anything, but kinda like razor burn in appearance.  An irritation that kept Gimli licking and licking at his foot until he was walking around with one sopping wet paw.  To combat this, we started giving him his allergy medicine in the hopes it would at least make him drowsy enough that he'd leave his paw alone and give it time to heal.  This worked and his paw is now back to normal.


Gimli's actual allergies have kicked in.  They usually appear around this time of year.  Sort of a final push for the allergens to attack their poor victims before the weather cools and the plants stop producing pollen and other such nasty things.  He's been itching and rubbing his head and nose on the floor and generally being very very nice to me.  Although this part might be due to his drowsiness from the medicine and he's just storing his snarkiness for later.

He is moping around though and playing the sympathy card, all "woe is me" and all that.  Surprisingly he can still hear the cheese wrapper crinkle.

He did mock me when I did my crunches this evening, so he's not totally ko-ed, just with more time to think of ways to make me laugh.

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