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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Things I've learned from Merida

- Living with corgi puppies, or any puppy really, are like living with a baby wild animal. You're completely in love with this soft little creature that you forget it has sharp teeth and no measure of restraint on said teeth.

- You appreciate your adult dog who no longer feels the need to chew things like shoes, electrical cords or paper.

- Corgi puppy fur is so very soft, you try to come up with a way to be near their fur as much as possible.

- You score bonus points with children because they all know the name Merida is from the movie Brave.

- No one wants to see you, they just want to see the puppy.

- You think you're ready for a puppy again, but then all the extra work hits you and you become a zombie for the first two weeks.  Our household is finally starting to settle down again.  I really don't know how breeders or people that foster dogs manage multiple, (more than 2), dogs at a time.

- When it comes to collars and walking on a leash, corgi puppies, or perhaps puppies in general, behave like Gollum does in the LOTR: The Two Towers movie when he's been leashed.  If you cannot remember what that's like, see the first 30 seconds of this video:

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  1. The cuteness factor is what saves them or maybe makes it all worthwhile! I got a good laugh out of the puppy-Gollum analogy. :) Now I really want to watch LOTR now!