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Monday, December 1, 2014

To the vet

We're off to the vet either tomorrow or Wednesday.

I suspect Merida has a UTI - she's been "dribbling" every time she's been out today and she had an accident inside. We were gone this evening for about an hour and half - usually that's no trouble for her, but not today.

I think it's in the early stages - ie no blood yet, so we're going to call the vet in the morning and see if they can squeeze her in.

This is the first I've dealt with a UTI, so I'm being overly cautious and watching her like a hawk. From what I've seen, they are going to need a urine sample, (Good luck :( ), and then she'll need a course of antibiotics. We'll know more once we're able to see the vet.

In the meantime, she's sleeping in our room in the event she needs to go during the night.

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